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Disappearing act

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Some of you may have noticed that my website disappeared. Well this was one of the results of the virus. My website host went bust so we had really short notice that suddenly we wouldn't have a website anymore. It felt like all my history was wiped but actually now it feels like a new start. Time for a change and a new directions!

I've had a most wonderful time during lockdown. It's been refreshing, uplifting and I've SO enjoyed our most wondrous countryside and my garden, village friends, lovely neighbours, eating outdoors, bike rides in the forest and lots of interesting projects to work on. Who could ever be bored?

I did a lot of sewing - but it was the practical kind - lots of facemasks for friends and family and also NHS scrubs etc. I may put masks on Etsy some time because I'm giving £1 for each one (when I sell them) to Open Doors, the charity my daughter works for. Many of the people they support have been badly hit by the virus. It's a most brilliant way of using up some of my fabric stash! So may as well end by showing you a pic of a few of them.

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